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SnowFox DVD & Video to iPhone Converter 2.9

SnowFox DVD & Video to iPhone Converter is a commercial video converter (See all)

SnowFox DVD & Video to iPhone Converter is a commercial video converter. It allows you to convert your video files and your DVD movies to files that can be played on your iPhone. The supported output format is MP4, and the app uses the H.264 and MPEG-4 codecs to encode those files, which can be played on most PCs and other mobile devices as well.

This application comes with conversion profiles for different models of iPhones. There are some for the 3G, 3Gs and the iPhone 4. The main difference is in resolution. The iPhone 4 HD profile uses a high resolution because the iPhone 4 has a retina display. Files converted to that profile will play just fine on older devices, though, but you won't really see a difference in quality.

You can add DVD titles (the files that make up your DVD movie) or video files to your conversion queue by clicking on the buttons on the toolbar. The conversion settings are at the bottom of the screen. I didn't see a video editor, which is usually available in other similar commercial apps.

In my testing, I converted an MKV file into the iPhone 4 HD profile. The process took a bit over 4 minutes for a one-minute and a half video, but I have a slow computer so don't take those numbers for representative of this app's speed. The resulting file looked quite nice and played well on iTunes.

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